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Dress Code


Color:  Navy blue 

Style:  Navy Woodlake T-Shirt or sweatshirt; polo style shirt with no emblem; solid navy sweater, sweatshirt, or turtleneck

*On Fridays, students may wear their Woodlake Spirit shirt sold by PTA


Color: Khaki 

Style:  Shorts, skirts, pants, skorts, jumpers

  • Tights or leggings may be worn under a skirt but should be a solid color resulting in uniformity.
  • Navy jumpers, skirts, shorts, etc. are not part of the Woodlake uniform


Children are asked to wear closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes, top-siders, or oxfords for comfort and safety. Sandals, backless shoes, crocs, or flip-flops are not part of the Woodlake uniform.

School Bags:

All students should bring a school bag daily. It is highly recommended that students in Kindergarten have the blue tote bags that the PTA sells. Pre-K students are provided tote bags at no cost. The bags readily identify these students as being our youngest ones on campus, so that we can provide them with additional assistance, especially at the beginning of school.

For safety reasons at school and on the buses, wheeled luggage school bags will not be allowed at Woodlake. Please do not allow your child to load down his/her backpack with items that are not needed at school.